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ChESS - Cheshire East School Services
Cheshire East Council is committed to providing high quality services to schools and academies.
A warm welcome to all Cheshire East Schools to our web-based portal for trading with schools.
Cheshire East Council is committed to providing high quality services to all schools and academies. The Cheshire East Services for Schools (ChESS Hub) contains details of different traded services, which are offered to schools and academies through formal buyback arrangements. Currently, a diverse range of Council services are offered to schools and academies through traded services with an widening use of the CHESS system for planning and delivering CPD events. Over the coming year, an increasing use will be made of the various options within the CHESS system which will make this portal of increasing importance to schools as a key ‘communication and service hub’ which reflects the strategic work of the Education & Skills Board.
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Best4Business Programme
01 Dec
Unit 4 Business World will become the new operating system underpinning HR and finance functions within Cheshire East Council and Cheshire West & Cheshire Council by September 2018 and the Best4Business Programme has been created to oversee the change working with Agilisys as our implementation partner. Please click the link to obtain all of the latest news from the Best4Business Programme (please use Internet Explorer as the recommended browser)
Governor Hub now available to purchase via ChESS Hub
27 Nov
GovernorHub is an online governing board management solution available at a significant discount to all schools and academies in Cheshire East. GovernorHub is currently offering a free month’s trial, after which schools may purchase an ongoing subscription via ChESS Hub. The published rate for Governor Hub is £400 per year. The Local Authority has negotiated a rate of £150 per year for schools and academies in Cheshire East. To review and sign up for a free trial, please visit: https://governorhub.com/signup At the end of your free month’s trial, a continued subscription can be purchased via ChESS Hub under the School Governance and Liaison service area.
GovernorHub free trial
31 Oct
GovernorHub is an online service specifically built for governors by governors which the School Governance team will be adding to their annual ChESS offer provided to schools and academies in Cheshire East. GovernorHub helps make governing boards run more efficiently by having all GB documents stored online, a shared calendar for GB meetings and an easy way to keep lists of governors, including which committees they are on and so on. It will also help governors access support from the School Governance team at Cheshire East and give them easy access to news and resources from us. GovernorHub is already used by nearly 3000 schools across the country. Schools and academies can find out more by going to www.governorhub.com/cheshireeast and signing up for a free trial. Cheshire East schools and academies will receive a free trial up until the end of November 2017. If schools decide to continue and subscribe to GovernorHub, the cost will be £150 for the remainder of the school year (17/18) and will remain at £150 for the following year, representing a substantial discount of £250 over the normal price of £400 if a school purchased directly from GovernorHub. The School Governance team will continue to offer GovernorHub at a significantly discounted price in the future – we can’t guarantee it will always be £150 per year, but we will offer it for as low a rate as possible. The special negotiated rate for GovernorHub is available to all schools and academies in Cheshire East, if purchased via ChESS Hub, and is not limited to our current SLA customers. On Thursday 16th November 2017, Neil Collins, Managing Director of GovernorHub will be giving a training/information session at the scheduled Governors’ Forum meeting at Canalside Conference Centre, Middlewich. For further details email schoolgovernance@cheshireeast.gov.uk